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Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Newsletter Volume.1

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of the Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Weekly Newsletter. Follow along on our blog for all things Hunting, Fitness, Nutrition, and a live look into the daily lives of our team and Hunt Lift Eat Community!

On the Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Weekly Newsletter we will be giving you weekly recaps and a look forward at the next week, podcast summaries, new upcoming challenges, new product line drops, and more!


Tuesday Tips Review:

This week we released Episode 48 of our Tuesday Tips podcast where we discussed ways for listeners to gain a keep access to private land. Team members Carter Mckenzie, Bobby McCready, and Josh Reed gave tips on how they gained access to the pieces of private land they hunt in their Georgia (Carter), New Jersey (Bobby), and Kentucky (Josh). Some main tips that were given in the episode were to offer help to the land owner (mowing grass or picking up trash), always stay thankful and show gratitude, and how making a strong first impression can help you get and keep land access. Below you will see the link where you can listen to Episode 48 of Tuesday Tips and how you can follow Carter, Bobby, and Josh on Instagram.


Carter- @thehomestead_ga

Josh- @josh3reed

Bobby- @bobby_litee


The Hunt Lift Eat Podcast Review:

This week on Episode 67 of the Hunt Lift Eat Podcast you can hear HLE team members Ian Corona and Jack Rasmussen join Carter Mckenzie to talk about their role as mentors in the outdoors. Ian and Jack have combined for over 70 years of outdoor experiences in hunting, fishing, trapping, fitness, and much more. Some of the main topics discussed during this episode was the importance of recovery after tough workouts, Jack drawing a very low odds elk tag in Virginia, and their mentor goals for 2022-2023. Below you will see the link where you can listen to Episode 67 of the Hunt Lift Eat Podcast and how you can follow Ian, Jack, and Carter on Instagram.


Jack- @jackras66

Ian- @iancoronna55

Carter- @thehomestead_ga

Hunt Lift Eat News:

SUMMER DROP: Our new gear and clothing drop was just released a couple weeks ago on July 15th. Check out our new Fish Lift Eat line and the rest of our new gear in the new releases tab on our site!

TEAM MEMBER APPLICATIONS: Now's your chance to apply to become a member of the Hunt Lift Eat team! We are currently accepting applications until spot are filled. Take advantage of this opportunity and join our HLE family!

Remember to follow our Instagram @huntlifteatofficial and our podcast Instagram @thehuntlifteatpodcast, the Hunt Lift Eat Forum on Facebook, and to check out our website for all things Hunt Lift Eat!

Stay locked and loaded for more hunting and fitness articles, recipes, and next week's Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Weekly Newsletter!

Thanks for reading!

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