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The Hunt Lift Eat Team 

This isn't your typical Brand Ambassadorship or Pro Staff.

The Hunt Lift Eat Team is just that, a TEAM and a Community of dedicated folks who work their asses off in the woods, on the mountain, in the gym, and in their everyday lives. 

There are standards & expectations to be met if you're a part of this Team. 

We will challenge each other in every facet of life.

This isn't a place for the weak minded or the easily offended. 

This is a place for those who wish to push themselves and grow far beyond where they are today.


The Hunt Lift Eat Team is an exclusive group. We have a thorough vetting and assessing process.

We will only accept a set number of folks each time we open applications. 



A Message from the CEO

The number one question I receive as the CEO and Founder of Hunt Lift Eat is “how can I become a Brand Ambassador and get involved with the company?” 


Prior to the launch of HLE, I spent several years as a brand ambassador, field staffer, pro staffer, & every other industry buzzword for numerous brands across the hunting and fitness industries. Every single one of them lacked any sort of value add for the end user. There was no sense of community or camaraderie. Everything just revolved around brand promotion and product feedback. 


While promotion and product feedback are essential elements to growing a brand, my vision for Hunt Lift Eat has always been much larger and deeper. I want to build and grow a community of folks who care deeply about hunting, the outdoors, strength & fitness, and are deliberate about the food they put into their bodies. 


So many of the issues plaguing our society today can be boiled down to a disconnect and distance from the realities of the natural world. The mental health crisis afflicting our Veteran and civilian communities, the obesity epidemic, and the global anxiety of a viral pandemic can all be mitigated with a closer relationship with the natural world. 


This Team fosters and grows this message. We focus on the development of each of us holistically. We educate, challenge, and continuously pursue growth in all facets of our lives. 


This is a Team for active, involved members who are willing to put some skin in the game to support the growth and expansion of Hunt Lift Eat. My mission is to return value to our Team Members tenfold. I never take for granted your time and financial commitments to this Company and ensure I work every day to increase your return on investment. 


I cherish the perspectives and lessons I learn every day from this Team. I look forward to meeting every one of you. It’s time to get to work. 



Luke Cox 

Founder & CEO 



Who are we looking for?

  • Will you take the time to read through this entire application? Caring enough to actually read the information we took the time to compile is the most basic test. 

  • We need folks who are fiercely passionate about hunting, the outdoors, fitness, & nutrition. You don’t need to be experts or the best at any of these things. We will accept all experience levels. We just expect the desire to learn. 

  • Are you active on Social Media? Social Media marketing drives 95% of our business. You NEED to have a profile on Instagram and a Facebook account to be on this team. Our primary means of Team communication is in a private Facebook group.  We are building out our website to support the Team entirely, but we're a ways from completion. You DO NOT need thousands of followers. We will help you with strategies and tactics to improve your content and grow your reach. We will consider exceptions on a case by case basis. A select few of our members are social media silent due to the nature of their work.

  • Have you supported HLE prior to applying to join the team? If you haven’t purchased any of our gear, tried any of our programs, or put any skin in the game to this point, why should we believe that will be any different after you join the Team? This isn’t an automatic NO, but it’s not the best starting point. 

  • Do you understand how to articulate and communicate clearly, both written and verbally? The ability to effectively communicate is paramount to contributing to the Team. 

  • Are you a self starter? We are a rapidly growing company and this Team is a great way to get your foot in the door. Cream always rises to the top, and the most active, engaged members of this Team program may have the opportunity to join the A Team. As we continue to grow and expand, hiring opportunities will begin with the A Team.


The Team is officially one year old. 2022 was a helluva year for the HLE TEAM. We've taken valuable lessons learned and will apply them in 2023 and beyond. 


Benefits to Team Members

  • Network of likeminded individuals nationwide

  • A wealth of knowledge involving all things hunting, nutrition, & fitness

  • Periodic Team Exclusive Apparel & Gear

  • Monthly Seminars and Q&A sessions with subject matter experts across a variety of different disciplines and fields. These seminars will cover a broad range of topics that expand far beyond hunting, lifting, and eating. 

Examples of potential topics and discussions:

  • Species Specific Hunting Tactics

  • Nutrition and how it applies to different styles of training 

  • Deep dive into energy systems and programming modalities 

  • How to build a Social Media following

  • Photography- tips and tactics

  • Videography- tips and tactics (especially self filming hunts) 

  • Leadership Philosophy and its application in business and the military

  • Financial Readiness and planning: Real Estate Investing, Stock Markets, etc 

  • Entrepreneurship and starting small business

  • Trauma and backcountry medicine 

  • Bushcraft & Survival Skills 

  • Knife making

  • Hunt Planning and Strategies

  • Any topics you guys request. If we don’t have the answers, we’ll find someone who does.  

  • All seminars will be recorded and available exclusively for the Team. 

  • The Team will also have access to premium, exclusive content not available for wider distribution.

  • Industry Discounts with partnered companies (this list is continually expanding)

    • Hunt Lift Eat Gear & Training Programs 

    • Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Coaching 

    • Stand to Blade Company Knives 

    • Northwest Retention Systems Holster & Accessories 

    • Tactacam Cameras and Trail Cams

  • Input into the designs and direction of the Company. You’ll have early access to products and designs; your feedback is invaluable and will shape the direction of Hunt Lift Eat. 

  • Direct access to the A Team for questions, ideas, and feedback on your own personal endeavors. 

  • The opportunity to be paid for content production ie written articles, any photographs used on the website, videos etc. 

  • Cross promotion- the HLE A Team combined has a reach of around 100k people. This network will be leveraged for cross promotions across platforms for all Team members. High tides raise all ships, and the Team will work to ensure everyone is meeting and surpassing their personal goals. 

  • Opportunities for volunteer service. HLE is finally at a point to start giving back, and we plan to exponentially increase our involvement with our communities in 2022. 


Responsibilities and expectations of Team Members

  • Positively represent the hunting community on Social Media and in day to day life. 

  • Be positively involved with your local communities

  • Follow all applicable game and fish laws and regulations 

  • Hunt and fish in a responsible/ ethical manner

  • Create hunting, exercise, cooking or outdoor content, if that's your thing. If it is, toss us a tag.  

  • Engage with HLE on social media. Engagement drives the algorithm: likes, comments, saves, & shares enhance the organic reach of HLE. 

  • Continually spread Brand Awareness and further company vision & initiatives

  • Be an active member of the Hunt Lift Eat Team & community

  • Continue to pursue growth and improvement across all facets of life. Share those experiences and lessons with the Team. 


Cost Structure

We, of all people, understand everyone has competing time requirements and obligations. By including monthly dues, the Team Program can ensure everyone is contributing back into the brand and Team’s growth regardless of their life commitments. These dues greatly enhance our ability to subsidize and sponsor team events, guest speakers, and courses. 


Team Members are responsible for dues either paid monthly at $25 or annually for $250.


100% of these dues will be invested back into Hunt Lift Eat and the Team’s growth, opportunities, and development. We’re building a community not a profit structure. 

We've found folks to engage, learn, share, and care far more when they have a little skin in the game. 

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