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Luke initially enrolled into an MBA program while in Afghanistan but dropped out the next day. He realized the best way for him to learn how to start a business was by jumping in feet first. He began designing the original versions of the HLE logos on Microsoft Powerpoint. Soon after, he bought an embroidery/ sewing machine and ordered 100 blank hats. Teaching himself to embroider and sew, he began selling the first HLE patch hats. 

With the help and support of his wife and the HLE Team, Luke has continued to expand the HLE Brand. HLE now offers a full men's and women's apparel line, multiple training programs, and a successful podcast.

We have big plans for the future and appreciate all the support we receive daily from the HUNT LIFT EAT community. 



HUNT LIFT EAT is dedicated to educating and inspiring folks to pursue an active lifestyle in the outdoors, centered around training, hunting, and fishing.   


We're building a community of outdoor enthusiasts committed to living an active, healthy lifestyle and being a positive influence in the outdoor world. Our community is comprised of men and women from all walks of life. We're Soldiers, Marines, coaches, teachers, laborers, and medical professionals, all brought together through a shared passion for hunting and fitness.


With the current mental health issues plaguing both veteran and civilian communities, we believe hunting, fishing, and fitness all provide an avenue for healing and camaraderie for folks from all walks of life.  

We, as hunters and anglers, must always strive to positively represent our lifestyle to the American public. The future of our outdoor privileges hinge on that public perception, and we must conduct ourselves as such. Here at HUNT LIFT EAT, we have a responsibility to protect our lifestyle through education, outreach, and conservation.  

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